CCTV and Electronic Security repair.

CCTV repairs.

This week is being dominated by IFSEC and and all the new product releases. This creates much excitement within the security industry especially for manufacturers and installers. End users certainly take an interest but these tend to be from large organisations , those that can afford to upgrade their equipment on a regular basis.

The forgotten majority.

What about those end users who find themselves in a position whereby they have a desperate need for their security arrangements especially CCTV cameras but due to current economic conditions cannot afford to upgrade or renew kit?

CCTV Repair.

In the CCTV and security industry, repairs seem to be a forgotten option. Sales push new equipment all the time and sometimes forget that end users need to believe they are getting a good service as well as advice about new equipment that may be available. Repairing kit must be part of the service we supply.

Who does it?

From experience we find manufacturers seem to charge a fixed rate, often far more than they should and this often leaves installers with little option but to say to their customers that they are better off buying new. A double edged sword . Firstly there is a chance of an upgrade when kit goes wrong but more likely the customer feels let down and is likely to seek an alternative supplier as a result.

Is there a solution?

There are several repair centres popping up around the country looking for a share of an ever increasing repair market. The increase is mainly due to to the reasons i have listed above and of course the huge volume of  CCTV equipment out there .

Maxey Moverley.

Maxey Moverley are one of these centres that currently offer a CCTV and security repair service . They claim to be the largest repair facility in the country and offer a one stop shop for all security equipment repairs.


Their repair service covers most makes of PTZ dome cameras and DVRs they offer a rapid turn around and live tracking so the customer can be assured that the repair is in their system and progressing.


They are able to repair Sony blocks to component level, have state of the art test equipment and soak test to ensure all repairs have been effective.


In an industry that seems to have forgotten the importance of being able to repair equipment rather than just replace it,  we see this as a welcome option for installers and end users alike.

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