Paxton Net 10.

Paxton Access control solutions.

Paxton have come a long way in a few short years. Their Net2 products have fitted very nicely into the small to medium sized business security needs. It is worth remembering though that Net2 systems are perfectly capable of handling even the largest installations if required.

Moving forward.

As Paxton try to pack more and more functionality into their products software changes are beginning to get more difficult to achieve. When this happens it takes far longer to release new ideas. The restriction for the software developers is that Paxton Net 2 relies on old technology.


RS 485 has been the workhorse of many systems and forms the backbone of the communication path between controllers. Now however IP technology is the only way to to take Paxton forward . Paxton realize this and have started to  develop a completely new software platform. The word is that this will be called Net 10 .

Paxton net 10.

All new Paxton equipment will probably be designed to work on this IP based platform and this is expected to be rolled out in the not too distant future. This will help software designers and help Paxton integrate easily into other manufacturers products.


Credit to Paxton here , they could be about to take a bold step but one that will likely see them continue to dominate their target audience for many years to come.

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