Arecont AV10005 10 megapixel camera

Arecont megapixel camera solutions

Arecont are an American company and pride themselves on their innovative range of ip megapixel cameras. At IFSEC this year they were able to demonstrate their first H.264 dual mode 10megapixel 1080 p camera. The Av 10005 series is a colour, day night camera with auto iris and it is its performance at night that sets it apart from other megapixel cameras on show this year.

Now the clever bit!

The clever part about the Av10005 series is it has combined the functionality of two cameras into one housing .The field of view can be cropped to your preferred resolution to suit the application and by using the binning technique that combines and averages pixels, the camera performs brilliantly under low light conditions. When operating in 10 megapixel mode the camera provides 3648 x 2752  (picture resolution) at 6 FPS (frames per second)

CCTV software.

Combined with clever CCTV software the camera can be panned digitally and has multiple zoom windows. This can all be done while still recording the full field of view in 10 megapixel mode. The camera also has the ability to detect motion using 64 motion zones, all this in real time. Programmable shutter speeds control motion blur.

Cost effective.

This camera is being marketed as a very cost effective solution for night time megapixel images but has many other flexible features built in. The most important thing though having viewed the images was the quality we were able to see. At the end of the day this is ultimately what the customer will be most concerned about and the AV10005 will certainly meet the end users needs.

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