The new 200 series IP camera range from Bosch

The perfect IP solution.

The perfect all in one new 200 series IP camera range from  Bosch has been designed to take on Axis in the market place that uses on board camera recording rather than a DVR or a CCTV software recording solution.

Straight out the box.

The package comes as an all in one solution straight out the box. It is designed to be fitted into reception areas and other isolated locations within a building that may involve lone workers or staff who have exposure to the public that may potentially escalate into a violent or dangerous situation.

Audio alarm.

On board audio alarm means that a normal working sound level can be set that when exceed, perhaps because of shouting or a cry for help, the CCTV software will generate an alarm in order to alert a third party.

In addition.

Add to this built in motion detection to enable the 16 gigabyte SD card to capture only the required events and we have a very powerful IP camera.

More for your money.

Finally we have the benefits of POE but most importantly the quality of the image produced from this camera. As expected it is very good as with most Bosch products and with a lack of competition in this particular IP camera type, Bosch must expect some strong sales.

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