IFSEC will encourage integrated CCTV solutions


IFSEC is going to be very interesting this year as it will prove to be the year that suddenly propels IP CCTV into the market place as the dominant CCTV player over a traditional analogue solutions. Integration between Access control, intruder alarms and IP CCTV will be the main theme that people will take away with from the exhibition. Many of the big Security suppliers will try to promote IP CCTV as the way forward and begin to discontinue analogue cameras and recording solutions.

Image Quality.

IP cameras have now begun to prove their worth and better image quality and the way this can be manipulated by VMS CCTV software can only help installers pursued customers to upgrade from older less flexible camera systems. The ease of installation will be used together with the high definition that IP cameras can produce and in addition to this the CCTV software is becoming far more popular over a standalone DVR.

More powerful camera solutions.

The reasons for this is that as the IP cameras become more powerful and software more advanced it makes sense for business to install a system that can be upgraded through a simple remote download rather than be saddled with a black box solution that is severely restricted in terms of the number of cameras that can be recorded at any time.

IP camera licence.

Licences seem at first sight to be expensive when an IP solution is first presented to an end user but because with most software the number of cameras is unrestricted it means customers only need buy what they need at the time . It is then very  easy to add more for a minimal cost once the need arises.


Flexibility, picture quality, FPS is so much easier to achieve with an IP CCTV solution that after IFSEC this year very few punters will walk away with the view that analogue is the future and as a result we believe that a huge expansion within the security market place is now just around the corner.

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