Data centre CCTV

CCTV in data centres.

We have recently been asked to look at IP CCTV solutions within Data centres. This is one of the fastest areas of expansion for security solutions within the country at the moment. The reasons behind this expansion are simple. Paranoia when it comes to the protection of company data and information. In addition demands from users when it comes to accessing this information are unparalleled they do not accept down time.Therefore there is always a  requirement for off site storage and redundancy.

IP camera solution.

Quite simply IP cameras are the only real option. The network is always going to be in place and most data centres understand the benefits that HD IP cameras can offer.When dealing with playback it is essential that the pictures give both quality and a frame rate that will mean anything that goes on inside the data centres does not get missed. The ability to record using a VMS solution is also now being viewed as crucial , storage on a server is what data centres do anyway and with VMS CCTV software you have the ability to zoom in without losing image quality and suffering from the age old issue of pixelation.

Remote access.

The ability to remotely access any recordings is also crucial because we find that most managers are off site and data centers tend to be lightly manned.


In conclusion Data centers are growing at an incredible rate in the UK and IP CCTV is going to be used more and more for the protection of the building and storage infrastructure. If you require more information please click here.

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