Home office appoints interim CCTV regulator

New CCTV regulator appointed.

Andy Rennison has been appointed by the home office as the interim CCTV regulator. His role has been defined as one that will set standards and regulation for contemporary CCTV systems.

What is involved?

The job will include setting up a quality standards framework that will ensure that images are delivered that improve security, reduce crime, and create safe environments for the public and the business community.

Why now?

Essentially to enable CCTV to be used in the public domain it must be treated in the same way forensic evidence is processed by the police and the courts and to this end the aim is to ensure quality images are recovered and these are processed correctly during the  enhancement and analysis stage.

A modern standards framework.

The new regulator will also work towards a modern standards framework to guide us in the responsible use of CCTV and set regulation that will suit the public interest. With IP CCTV bringing new installers into the market place standards are crucial to ensure experience and high standards of installation are rewarded

Complaints process.

A complaints process will also be put in place to ensure the public feel that CCTV is being used correctly and this will also enable them to appreciate the benefits that the use of CCTV systems brings to us all. The interim process will take up to 12 months and its hoped will have the wide support of the public , police, courts and of course the government.

Much awaited detail and clarity.

As we all know business drives the CCTV market and the market place is moving quickly to embrace new IP camera technology and integrated CCTV systems. This brings us much awaited detail and clarity but also this change brings many new challenges especially from a forensic and evidential point of view . So to allow us all to go forward we need to take stock now, set standards and regulation that can be implemented and used by all to ensure CCTV continues to drive crime and unsociable behaviour away. This will give the public, police and courts the utmost confidence in this new IP world.

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