New Euro 46 from Castle Care-Tec

New intruder panel.

Castle Care-tec are upgrading the base euro 1 panel currently known as the Euro 1024 and renaming all there current panel range in the process. This change will come into place on April 1st 2010 and they will also update the in-sight remote connection software to enhance connection speed and functionality.


Expandability is not a feature of the new euro 46, but the extra benefits the new panel has should prevent the need for upgrading most systems. The Euro 1 Plus will now be re-badged as the Euro76. The Euro 76 is the same as the original Euro One Plus this does allow flexibility to add additional zones and can be expanded as before.

New features.

Below we list some features and understand that the dual-com will now fit inside the redesigned panel layout.

Euro 46 (Grade 2 and 3) v Euro 1024 (Grade 2)

The Euro 1024 can only be used as a Grade 2 security solution where as the new Euro 46 has the flexibility to commissioned as grade 2 or 3.

The Euro 1024 has 28 inputs the end of line resistors are restricted to 4k7 / 2k2 , DEOL or SEOL.

The Euro 46 has 46 inputs (thus the name)  True Double Pole wiring can be configured or DEOL wiring, however both can be integrated together should there be the requirement euro 46 also supports SEOL resistors. 4k7 / 2k2, 1k /1k and 6k8 / 4k7. are the selective resistor values that can be used•

The Euro 1024 only has 4 part set modes this can be limiting at times.

The Euro 46 actually has 6 separate areas that can be individually configured.•

The Euro 1024is limited to 20 codes whether they be manager or user.

The Euro 46 has the added value of 75 codes that can be programmed as manager or user.

The Euro 1024 is limited to the use of 4 keypads across the whole system.

The Euro 46 now has the ability to support up to six separate keypads on the system.

The Euro 1024 has one size box and this is a large enclosure.

The Euro 46 has two different size enclosures so you can choose depending on needs and space available to fit the panel.

An additional feature of the  Euro 46 is that it has a Switch Mode PSU this a is cool running process that ensures battery life is prolonged.

Integrated Door Entry Control and integrated Access Control are part of the standard set up and the panel supports remote maintenance better known as ARM.

Integrated with CCTV solutions the logging features complies with a policed monitored CCTV system and is easily tested and commissioned using the on board forced walk test facility.


Castle have thought long and hard about this panel panel and the new features allow it to fit into a market place dominated by small to medium size installations. The flexibility of this panel means that with the right marketing and trouble free from any un-found bugs we predict a that this panel will be a winner.

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