integrated security system

Integrated security solution

 In the future, high risk buildings and important events will require a radical security solution to ensure any threat and  unauthorised entry is reduced to an absolute minimum. Access control integrated to CCTV and then  linked to biometrics is something we should all be expecting to confront in the future.Registration and submission of personnel data including finger prints prior to attendance will be common place.

It can only be you!

 The whole integrated security solution gives an almost infallible confirmation that the person trying to gain access is indeed exactly who he /she says they are. This will become more and more important to be able to confirm as risks rise. Also however, as the technology gets more advanced and the speed of the system gets faster, this fairly restrictive access control solution actually becomes more palatable to the general public . Especially when at the end of the day it is the general public we are all trying to protect.

Terrorist threat

 It may sound like our liberties are being infringed upon and our patience very severely tested but with terrorists and criminals becoming more and more sophisticated pre -registration to gain access to many buildings and events will inevitably become  pre -requisite in the future. We have to learn to live with this and embrace the integrated security solutions that will hopefully  make all our lives safer.

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