Car Dealership CCTV Remote Monitoring

Manned guard v CCTV

Fraught with pitfalls, remote monitoring of car dealerships has long been debated as to its cost effectiveness. However the cost comparisons against damage and loss always seem to add up in favour of a CCTV solution. For instance it can cost as little as £4000 per annum to monitor a reasonable size car forecourt and its associated compound . An on site security guard could cost as much as £50,000 p.a to provide the same service .

Cost of CCTV

Of course you have the capital cost of the CCTV equipment , certainly not a small investment by any stretch of the imagination. However once you have taken that step you will always  have a security infrastructure and this should never be underestimated . Its pure visual presence will always be a deterrent. Certainly better that a sleeping security guard when it comes to putting off the criminal. In  fairness what can a security guard actually do without the help of  CCTV? Without some kind of camera network he does not have the tools to look after the premises, after all he cannot be looking in all directions at the same the time. So you may as well get that CCTV remotely monitored.

Manned guarding , the choice

The problems of Manned guarding  can be summed up as follows. He can be taken out , bribed or even asleep and most incidents that occur when a guard is on site are “never Seen”. We would however never disregard the benefits of a guard on site but would have to point out that guards tend to be employed retrospectively in response to a specific incident that has occurred on a site rather than as a long term permanent solution.

The Integrated CCTV solution

Now broadband is a feature that most garages and car dealers possess  there is no longer the need for ISDN lines to transmit pictures to your central station . CCTV integrated to hybrid DVR’s that can easily transmit to the control centre and once criminal activity is confirmed by a remote central station operator then a guard response can easily be co ordinated to ensure any crime is stopped at a minimal cost to the car dealer. All sorts of camera  and integrated solutions are available .The Metal mickey and Predator camera range offer vandal proof solutions and Panasonic, or Honeywell IP external domes are another way forward. IP is almost always the best way forward now as it future proofs any solution the car dealer may wish to consider installing.

Use existing CCTV cameras.

However never rule out a hybrid solution, using legacy CCTV equipment integrated to codecs enables us to offer CCTV analytics and IP compatibility. The options now are endless and without doubt very much cheaper than a manned guarding solution. When you work out the cost over a 5 year period then expect to pay only 30% for an integrated CCTV security solution against manned guarding.

HD CCTV for quality images.

IP CCTV in the new HD format will give quality images that could only have been a pipe dream before and the Manned guard solution to site security will become a less and less common feature. The picture quality is stunning and a demonstration is a must to prove this.


We have been through a period where car dealers, garden centres, scrap yards logistic companies and in fact any one who needs external security have had some good and bad experiences with remote monitoring. It has always been recognised as cheaper but not necessarily better. But now with the advent of broadband IP cameras and most importantly HD CCTV the balance is swinging very much in favour of the remotely monitored IP CCTV solution.

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