Samsung Immix Integration


Samsung, one of the leading innovators in IP CCTV integration have been working recently to bring together many of their camera and digital recorder solutions onto the Immix central station front end control software.

Who are Sureview Immix?

Immix is one of the most popular software solutions used by central stations across the UK  for integrated CCTV solutions. By integrating all the relevant protocols into Sureview’s Immix front end software, Samsung have ensured that their product can be specified far more often especially when end users have a preferred central station.


So as to enhance this partnership Samsung together with Sureview Immix have agreed to work together to increase integration of their two products going onwards into in the future. Central station operators find the Immix software easy to use because of the fact that much of the operation is self automated, its enhanced features also allows it to be integrated to access control packages as well.


In summary this is a clever move by Samsung . IP monitoring is going to be the next step in the expansion of CCTV monitoring in general and Immix is at the fore-front of this growth potential. As companies look to cut costs such as security guards or older Adpro ISDN solutions they will be looking for products and central stations that can give them choice and flexibility.

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