Emizon IP communicator

IP communicator.

The Emizon 21 IP communicator is the latest player in the monitoring market. It’s a dual path signaling device and uses the broadband connection and GPRS  to connect to the central station. It comes in grade 2,3and 4, grade 4 being the equivalent of Redcare GSM.

Selling points.

Emizon is secure , simple future proofed and exceptional value for money. It is also 21CN compatible. Even if you have no alarm on site it can monitor your broadband connection to ensure your business maintains a 24/7 broadband connection if necessary. There are no call charges involved.

It saves money on two counts. It is cheaper to monitor than Redcare GSM and more importantly it means no dedicated line is required.

So how did it all start?

Emizon was conceived as far back as 2001 when the original patents were filed for.

The concept was proved in 2005 and touted to the industry in 2006. In 2007 the ARC’s started to accept the platform and a steady rise in popularity has meant it is now increasing its market share across the world.

Some control panels have Emizon integrated into them during manufacture so this product is undoubtedly here to stay and certainly looks like it could dominate the IP monitoring market for years to come.

10 reasons to use IP Monitoring

1) Emizon works with all broadband providers. Offers integrated security as it is able to integrate to CCTV and Access control.

2) 100% guarantee to work on the new BT 21CN platform.

3)  Firmware upgrades and pin changes can be made with the touch of a button.

4)  The grade 4 Emizon is equivalent to Redcare GSM and is accepted as totally secure within the insurance industry.

5)  No dedicated line is required so savings can be made on phone line costs when upgrading.

6) In terms of cost the Emizon can deliver two signalling paths for the same money as you would normally pay for single path.

7)  The TDC is easy to install and is not site specific , meaning it can be kept in stock for same day installation.

8)  Through broadband access via the Emizon you can remotely interrogate your alarm panel so you can do remote servicing on your alarm panel.

9)  Comes in grade 2,3,and 4 so can be used for any application.

10)  Gives the customer not only notice if their alarm panel has lost its monitoring path but also helps to monitor all broadband services so if the customer needs 24hour on line reliability to run their business it they will know of any  BROADBAND failure.

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