Staff Watch CCTV.

Not Big Brother

Watching over staff is not all about making sure they are doing their job. Under recent regulation it has become law that employer’s ensure that their staff are safe at work.

How can this be achieved?

IP cameras can provide a simple ,cost effective solution to ensure employers can meet their legal obligations and make sure their staff are safe at work ,especially when they are in a relatively isolated situation .

Examples of dangerous situations.

Shop workers.

security guards.


NHS staff.


The list goes on . All these people are exposed at times to public anger or frustration and this can put them in danger.

So how can they be protected?

Simple measures can be put in place to ensure they are able to communicate with the outside world should they feel exposed to danger. The panic button is an easy solution and very effective. IP cameras that are able to be Integrated to analytics can generate alarms and raise a response if required. The analytics can be programmed to generate alarms when they detect unusual movement such as a violent struggle or a person in area where they should not normally be.

The employer.

The bottom line is, the employer must care enough to protect his staff . With the advent of some very clever integrated CCTV systems, linked to audible devices that work on VOIP,  IP security solutions are  now available and these can now be linked to central stations in order to raise an alarm.


Staffwatch, using IP CCTV will help to prevent attacks and ensure help can be raised if things do escalate. CCTV integrated to PA buttons and mobile pda solutions will definitely make sure staff are kept safer.


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