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On this site we like to talk about products we have used and are happy to recommend. Paxton access control is a product that has long been known to us and tried and tested.


Net 2 access control manufactured by Paxton is one of the big success stories in the integrated access control market place. They manufacture readers ,controllers and software that has been designed to be able to control entry and exit to hundreds of doors and be accessible to thousands of users.


Net2 is designed to fit into the mainstream access control market , however it has the ability to expand to up to 10,000 users so giving it a leading edge over many of its competitors. One of the concepts employed by Paxton is that their product is expandable. From one door to many hundreds , flexibilty is crucial in gaining sales .

Access Control Software.

The software is well designed and can easily be understood by end users and engineers alike . The person charged with the administration of the system can be comfortable in the knowledge that it will always be stable and reliable.

Networked IP solution.

Multiple site solutions are no problem as the system uses TCP/IP to communicate between different locations and allows  nationwide or even worldwide solutions to some bigger corperate customers.


Access rights and time zones give a site manager complete control over who goes where and when. As an administrator he /she has the power to control all the day to day movements of both his staff , any site contractors and of course  visitors . The administrator can view real time events and has the ability to create reports should these be required.

Free software.

The software is free and can be loaded onto multiple PCs within the organization so admin rights can be shared if required.

CCTV and Biometric Integration.

Although Paxton produce their own readers they are no strangers to the concept of integration. They can integrate other manufacturers readers and biometric devices easily into their systems meaning takeovers become a relatively easy task.

Market leaders.

Taking into account all we have highlighted so far , its easy to see why Paxton are one of the market leaders in today’s integrated access control market.

For the record!

Paxton are able to integrate to intruder alarm systems , offer wireless IP solutions and connect seamlessly to IP cameras. I/O boards allow the ability to trip input and outputs over IP . Advanced reader technology can also offer hands free entry.

It all looks good!

One of the main things however that Paxton have considered is aesthetics. Access control has to fit into modern building designs and  they have achieved this with style.


In conclusion Paxton have managed to capture the mainstream access control market in the UK and across Europe. This is a fantastic achievement when you consider the calibre of the competition .With new innovative ideas being presented to installers everyday .We can only see Paxton going from strength to strength.

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