NSI, SSAIB why they are needed within the CCTV industry.


It does not matter what inspectorate you use, the need to audit is an unquestionable asset in the security industry today. To be fair most of the big companies are “forced” to subscribe to an auditor to be able to give the correct certification to their customers in order that the customer can comply with their insurers demands.

The dreaded visit.

It is fair to say that most company Quality assurance managers dread the impending visit by their inspector,  MD’s also tend to fuss around at the last minute trying to ensure that all their paperwork is up to date and all their internal and external audits have been completed. Staff are briefed what to say and the office and vehicles are meticulously cleaned ready to greet the unwelcome guest.

Think about it though!

Why is this necessary though? At the end of the day all the inspector will look at is to see that you do what you actually say you do in order to give your customers fair service , well installed equipment and value for money. The company should always work to these standards and seek to continuously improve on them. Whats wrong with doing what you have agreed to do when you are certificated? After all it is usually the MD or QAM who has written the proceedures your company will be following anyway.

What are the benefits of being audited?

Well, training is audited , administrative procedures to, Installation standards, stock control, security screening and so on. All of these things are a crucial to maintaining the highest standards within your company. Lets be honest would you want to let anyone into your house or business to install something as sensitive as a security system if they had not been audited on the above subjects? I would think not!

It should be easy.

It certainly should be easy. All your company and its employees have to do is follow the instructions written down in your company manual , simple! Any changes or improvements to procedures simply need to be noted and updated within the manual and adhered to. Anyone cutting corners or breaking company procedures really do need to be reprimanded and bought to book . After all you must want staff to do as they are are asked and follow the instructions laid down pretty much to the letter.

Changes within the industry.

With the rapid introduction of integrated CCTV, IP cameras and integrated access control companies and inspectorates alike must adapt to these changes. Manuals will need to be re-written and procedures changed especially bearing in mind that third party networks will form the backbone of any IP CCTV solutions in the integrated security market place. This being said it will not be insurmountable to introduce standards to ensure the end user is not short changed.


So in summary being regulated and inspected is actually good for all involved . Security companies get the staff they deserve and the staff get the training and clear working mandate they need. Most importantly the security industry is thankfully short of cowboy installers and this of course means that the end user can be rest assured that they will get a well installed reliable security solution.

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