Raytec,the lighting solution for CCTV

About the Raytec lighting system

Raytec supply state-of-the-art lighting systems, basically they have pitched their product as an energy saving method of illuminating areas covered by CCTV cameras. They use energy efficient LED lighting technology that can either be white light of infra-red.

Energy saving

By using LED lighting, cost savings can be quite dramatic, cameras nowadays need very little light to work effectively, so, although the light given off is not as bright as a traditional halogen light, it is still highly effective and can also be used as working light to. We did notice that if you look directly at these lights they can be blinding,  so we do not recommend this!

So how much can it save?

A recent study estimated  that an organisation using 200 old-style CCTV lights will save at least £90,000 per year by switching to Raytec LED technology. This is based upon 4,400 hours usage per year at 10p kw/hr; The above cost saving also takes into account bulb changes including the labour involved  to change existing halogen light bulbs and fittings.

How often will the bulbs need changing?

Well, Raytec have proved that their lights have a longer life cycle than an ordinary halogen. Not surprising really as halogen bulbs tend to be highly volatile and often burn out the nipples that hold the bulb in place when they blow. Halogens are generally poorly manufactured (therefore the low cost) and rust making them very difficult to get into to change the bulb if they have been up on a wall for a number of years. Better reliability means of course when a critical situation arises ie a break in or an accident the lights are more likely to be working and the incident caught on CCTV .

Lighting Amnesty

Raytec are currently promoting a “Lighting Amnesty”  the hope is end users and CCTV providers alike will be encouraged to upgrade to be more energy efficient and of course gain more reliability.


Inevitably all things come down to cost. To be fair the Raytec illuminator is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Security companies have struggled purely on price to integrate this product and sell to end users and get Raytec lighting up on the wall. Lead times are poor as well. When you order the product 6 weeks is not unusual. So if Raytec are to see more of their product sold the above must be addressed

Can we get integrated CCTV solutions using this product?

Installers need this product. It will eventually be the only realistic way to light a site but competitors may take a good share of the market if they are able to replicate the LED solution at a cheaper price without infringing on any patents.

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