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For many years now the Adpro has been the old workhorse in the CCTV monitoring market place. It was originally conceived to use the “new” ISDN technology that took off in the late 90’s. It’s success was phenomenal and it dominated the market place for 10 years or more. Its crown finally started to slip when competitors started bringing out IP security solutions that could both record and transmit pictures but most importantly transmit pictures over IP networks.

So is Adpro finished as a product?

Many would say yes, but in its defence it is very stable and very reliable. Why change?  The main reason is simple . ISDN is being phased out and Adpro have not come up with a competitively priced product that can compete with some of the newer players on the market. It may also be suggested that Adpro was so confident with its market share it took its eye off the ball and started to to try to penetrate the external PIR market instead of concentrating on its core product , transmission of CCTV images.

But all is not lost.

What many installers have overlooked in an effort to sell DVR’s that can include  integrated CCTV and IP cameras  but also transmit images, is that Adpro has always been capable of IP transmission. It’s just that when Adpro was the number 1 player , IP was not ready for it!  So we have hundreds if not thousands of  Adpro transmission units out there still chugging away and working on ISDN phone lines.


 We can upgrade the units still out there by simply fitting a suitable IP converter to the Adpro and then plugging this into a network. We then have a stable , reliable IP transmission path to the central stations who’s front end software can easily accept the new IP transmitted  signalling.

What does this mean to the customer?

Well the customer gets better quality transmission , he is also able to do away with expensive ISDN lines and most importantly the call charges. It is estimated that a site with average traffic to a central station on ISDN will cost at least £1000 per annum. The upgrade should be able to be done for much less than this , delivering savings in the very first year.

So why is this not happening more?

Its all about economics, why would an IP CCTV systems seller upgrade a legacy product that is going to make him very little money. Any salesman worth his salt would always try to pursued a customer that buying a brand new DVR with all the bells and whistles is the way forward. This may of course be true but there is definitely a case to be made for preserving the old Adpro technology and we are pleased to be able to inform you the end user that you actually have more choice than you thought.

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