Video sphere VMS software

Why VMS ?

There are many benefits being touted about Video sphere VMS software.The main one we can see is the ability to support so many applications and be so flexible when trying to design a hybrid CCTV system.

The framework to have a scalable IP CCTV solution.

Video sphere can support small, medium and large applications that need IP CCTV solutions but need to consider legacy analogue devices . By using codecs all analogue camera equipment can be converted to IP CCTV cameras and integrated into the VMS framework. Video streaming of high frame rates up to 256 IP or converted analogue cameras per server. Ultimately by correctly configuring the network servers VMS can support thousands of cameras across a company group.

MPEG4 and H.264.

Both the above video compression formats are supported by VMS as is multiple PTZ IP cameras and video sphere HD IP solutions. As we mentioned before codecs in the form of Edge encoders are used to introduce analogue cameras in to the overall solution and this then enables existing equipment to run analytics that make these cameras intelligent this has to be considered a valuable upgrade benefit.

Alarm switching.

An important part of all IP solutions is the ability to support alarm switching to follow analytic generated alarms. VMS does this and can also be integrated to data sources such as ATM and POS transactions.


VMS is a powerful piece of software , designed to be future proofed and has many features and benefits that will suit designers of IP camera solutions and integrated CCTV. It does need a robust server to work in unison with it that can back up recorded images effectively and this does add to the cost. However VMS does offer the maximum flexibility and has many benefits over black box solutions that ultimately will become a thing of the past over time.

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