FLIR Thermal Imaging camera


FLIR have just released their new VSR-6 thermal imaging camera.  This camera is specifically aimed at the mainstream CCTV market. FLIR  have been able to do this at a very competitive price because there is becoming more demand to integrate this type of technology into an integrated CCTV solution resulting in high volume production.

Why thermal imaging?

The benefits of thermal imaging have long been known but have historically only been able to be afforded in extremely high security scenarios such as military bases and airports. However FLIR have recognised the need for a lightweight model that can fit into a CCTV project especially one that takes in perimeter boundaries in areas where there is absolutely no lighting.

Image quality

The VSR-6 is capable of delivering crisp and clear images at 160 x 120 pixels. It uses 6.3mm wide angle lens  enabling a good field of view approx 52 degrees so enables the operator to have a good situational awareness. It is IP 66 rated and operates between -32 degrees C and + 55 degrees C so it is capable of operating almost anywhere.

Absolute darkness .

Of course the reasons for using thermal images are now becoming even more apparent with the advent of CCTV analytics. Analytics fail to work in zero light conditions and this is a nightmare for system designers but now thermal cameras are affordable they can be added into the specification. Of course other benefits over traditional  CCTV cameras is the thermal solution will work in extremely dusty conditions as well as fog and smoke.

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