Things to look out for in the coming weeks on this site

Saving money on security guards

We look at a case study for a site that was spending over 70 thousand pounds a year on security guards. We discuss how this can be cut to a fraction of that cost by using  Analytics.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

We look into the new thermal imaging camera released by FLIR that is light and very cost efficeint  something we all thought would be impossible for a thermal imaging camera.

ANPR cameras. 

 How they work? and where they are being used today.We highlight some good and some bad points about them.


We ask whether this technology is ever going to become as big within the security market place as it promised to be when it was first launched.

Adpro and IP.

Can Adpro ever get back to where they were in the CCTV transmission market place. It was not so long ago they were the only choice when transmitting CCTV images.

CCTV distributors.

We discuss whether CCTV distributors need to look at a different route to market now that IP cameras are so popular.

Emizon IP.

We talk about Emizon and what it means for IP intruder alarm monitoring.


This revolutionary new lighting technology has turned a few heads but will it replace all the old halogen lighting systems out there?


Does the security industry need this regulator and how will IP camera systems impact  on this inspectorate?

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