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Domestic IP cameras.

Being able to watch over your home using CCTV has long been a priority for most of us, but the high cost of a security system has always meant that financially it is beyond most of us.

Watch your house from work.

Times however are changing with advent of  integrated CCTV into our own home network, we will soon be able to view our property via the Internet. This has of course been possible for many years now but at a premium price. IP CCTV cameras mean that we do not have the intense labour and cabling needed to install such a system. In addition the IP cameras are becoming cheaper by the day, soon they will be affordable to many rather than the few.

How does it work?

IP cameras are essentially an extension to your normal network. They just plug into a network point and can even be powered from this network point using power over Ethernet so there is no need to supply a mains socket adjacent to the camera position.

Remote viewing.

Once the cameras are set up and correctly positioned they can be recorded through an FTP server and accessed remotely via the Internet using a simple web browser. So at any point in time you will be able to view your home from anywhere in the world.

Does it work?

There have been several recorded cases where people have viewed  intruders breaking into their houses and been able to call the authorities to get them arrested. But more importantly you are able to give a deterrent factor to the property so making an intrusion less likely and more importantly it will give the home owner peace of mind.

Who will install it?

Lots of debate about this point. Many think that current CCTV installers will step up to the mark and modify their current working practices to move them into the IP market place. Some think IP integrators will take over this sort of business , however who is to say that CCTV could actually become quite a large DIY market in the future as people with an understanding of networks and computers decide to start protecting there own homes.

Would you do it?

Given the above information we would be very interested to know here at integrated cctv.co.uk if anyone out there feels that they would attempt to have a go at installing there own domestic IP camera system?

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