Pet Watch


Domestic IP cameras.

CCTV cameras for your home have for a long time been a little too expensive for most domestic users. However within the next two years this will all be changing.


So why now and not before? It is simple really, the general public have now got unprecedented access to domestic IP networks, wireless routers and most important,THE INTERNET. This means that expensive analogue camera systems, installed by professional companies, will become a thing of the past.

Why you ask? Well we have all set up a router, plugged our laptops into network point and think nothing of it. Imagine a camera so simple that this is all you do to set it up , simply plug it in! It can even be powered over the network!

Pet watch

So lots of us have to go to work and leave our precious pets at home unattended, even the most hardened individuals worry if they are away for a long period of time and the poor animals are left alone. Imagine if we could simply sign onto the Internet and view our pets to ensure they are comfortable and happy.

You can hear them.

Better still you can listen to your pet on line because voice/howls over IP is very easy to achieve these days.  If you thought your dog /cat whatever else you may keep at home is uncomfortable, all you would have to do is call a neighbour to to go and attend to them without the inconvenience of a long trip home .

Over the coming years this technology will mean that to be thought of as a considerate pet owner having IP CCTV cameras will be the only acceptable solution to leaving pets home alone.

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