Integrated IP intruder alarm solutions

Integrated IP intruder alarm solutions

This site is all about saving money. Sometimes you do have to spend a little to save a lot;  This is defiantly the case when dealing with intruder alarms on multiple sites.

A facility Manager’s utopia?

So how can IP and integrated security help here? Facility mangers will be very familiar with the pitfalls of dealing with multiple sites looked after by several different alarm companies.

Integrate , make things simple !

The hassle of dealing with different service departments and invoices can often be confusing. |Facility managers need one one point of contact in order to control their costs.


Another issue is monitoring. Your sites may use dualcom, Redcare, Redcare Gsm or digicom. For those people who have limited knowledge of how all these different technologies work can be a costly minefield.

So what is the solution ?  It’s quite simple, standardize.


How does it work? You need to consider an IP communication platform to signal alarms to the central station and a central PC within your own organisation for administration of codes and fault monitoring.

Upgrade to integrated security.

Firstly you will need to change the control panel on  all your sites. This is going to cost money but some alarm companies may do this for a very good price in order to secure your long term business.  Secondly by using an IP platform such as Emizon you will find some very good savings to be made on your annual monitoring costs. Typically £150 per site per annum.


The alarm panels will also report to your server and can be networked so that you the facility manager will know what is happening with each panel.  This takes the need away to rely on a service engineers report and invariably the charges that will accompany this call out. The software is simple to master and gives back control to the end user.

So by integrating all your sites together,  long term savings will be inevitable.

Please feel free to contact us for more detail.

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