10 reasons to use an integrated CCTV system

1. By integrating old analogue cameras and new IP cameras together with a digital recording solutions, you can start to progress towards a full IP security solution but still maintain existing legacy equipment on your site.

2. You can access your cameras from local PCs on your LAN

3. You can access your cameras from a remote location via the Internet.

4. You can record digital images and benefit from all the flexibility that provides.

5. You can have cameras added to the system in places that have previously been impossible using traditional analogue CCTV.

6. You do not need to provide mains power at the camera position, as you can use power over Ethernet instead.

7. IP  cameras can be adjusted through the network , such things as focus and iris settings can be changed without having to get to the camera.

8. IP cameras  often prove cheaper to install because install times are cut because we are able to use the existing network.

9. IP CCTV is future proofed so when the existing analogue cameras that have been integrated together with your new IP cameras begin to fail, they can be replaced with the IP version.

10. As time goes on IP cameras will become cheaper than analogue making on going growth and maintenance more cost efficient.

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