Staff Watch

Are your staff safe at work ?

As an employer you have a duty of care to ensure your staff are always safe. This is about to become more simple with the use of networked CCTV using  IP cameras.

Man down alarm

Important changes are happening within the work place that mean loan workers have a right to protection, up until now this involved expensive solutions that made protecting staff difficult and in some cases two people just to do one job was often the only solution.

Monitor Staff

Now however we can use modified legacy CCTV cameras or new IP cameras to to literally constantly watch your staff in lone worker situations. A simple network point in the lone worker area can now be used to connect an IP camera onto a company network to observe a working situation and with specialised intervention from companies such as Sitexorbis using mobile phone technology a solution is now available.

Staff monitoring , How does it work ?

If you have a man down , It’s a double barrelled solution.We can use the camera analytics to monitor both a fall and a motionless person and raise an alarm. We can use two way audio to speak to him if he is conscious and organise an appropriate response. If we are unable to rouse him then obviously an emergency response is required.

Allow the employee to raise the alarm

We also need to give the employee himself the ability to raise an alarm and this can be done by using his mobile phone. By using a  pre-programmed key on his mobile phone keypad he will be patched directly to a central station who can listen in and the co-ordinate a response dependent on what they can hear, ultimately someone will almost certainly be able to use the IP camera to remotely access the pictures from the scene this gives your lone worker a much better chance of survival in the case of an accident.


Health and safety is always a primary concern for all responsible employers.We can make it easy   to fulfill your responsibilities and in some cases even reduce overall costs by allowing lone working rather than having to put two men on every job.

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