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IP security products.

Why are IP cameras the way forward?

Well basically its simple. IP cameras are easier to install, They always have been but until now the cost of these cameras has been somewhat prohibitive.

Although for a long time manufacturers have used the ease of install as a good reason to charge more for their product this excuse is now wearing a little thin. So many IP cameras are now being produced that the cost has been driven down in a ferocious manner. It is common knowledge inside the industry that an IP camera is as cheap to produce now as an analogue camera.

When will more IP cameras be sold than analogue?

Our prediction is about 18 months from now will see the first measurable swing towards IP cameras as the dominant selling security product in the CCTV market place.

What does this mean to the end user.

Well more competition means better IP cameras with more features. HD over the network, something many thought would be impossible not long ago, it could soon become the norm.

IP camera seller

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