Hybrid CCTV

Legacy equipment.

Where legacy CCTV equipment cannot be removed due to cost implications manufacturers are now coming up with some ingenious solutions in order to accommodate both the past the present and the future.

These are called hybrid network surveillance servers and combine analogue and IP cameras into a single box solution.

This is of course a huge market place and one many facility managers and security managers are looking into with much enthusiasm.

So this is where the hybrid recorder fits in and can cleverly be incorporated into the IT budget or security budget depending on which is the healthier at the time.

So how does it work?

Existing coaxial camera’s are simply reconnected in the usual way to the new recorder, nothing clever here, but by using existing networks within or outside the facility new IP cameras can also be hung off the same unit. This opens up possibilities of connecting IP cameras from remote sites or from areas previously inaccessible or financially un-viable to a normal coaxial cable run. Areas served by wireless IP networks are also now easily connected where surveillance would have been considered impossible before.

Web browsers.

Remote access via web browsers gives huge flexibility to view and control systems from anywhere and means dedicated on site staff may not be required, initiating big cost savings.

These units are becoming very flexible to meet a rapidly changing market place. They need to record, transmit, trip outputs and need to be extremely reliable. If you want to ensure you buy a good unit make sure it is not the cheapest and make sure it offers a five year warranty.


Our aim is to help and advise you through this exciting new field of CCTVsurveillance, but don’t hesitate to contact us for further more detailed information

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